Check Out This November 2013 Issue On Model Year Share


Auto manufacturers have finalized their incentives for November, giving the data analysts at TrueCar info on the 10 best possible deals readily available for new car buyers inside the month of November 2013. Veteran’s day is behind us and Black Friday is in front of us, which implies manufacturers are offering a cornucopia of new car buying incentives to help dealers move cars off the lots during November.

As the new-car shopper’s best resource for researching new car pricing, TrueCar data shows the national market average for these vehicles offers discounts off Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Pricing (MSRP) up to 23. percent or $6,261 off this month’s 10 selections.

If you’re planning to go car shopping during the month of November, keep these ten great new car deals at heart as you do your homework. Our data also shows what your monthly instalment might be when financed for 60 months at a 3 percent APR if you’re able to contribute a twenty percent down payment. The included chart also lists fuel economy figures to help you compare what each vehicle might cost at the pump, because our great November deals include a variety of trucks and cars.

Remember, sales incentives are subjected to change according to region and manufacturer, and should be confirmed with your dealer when shopping. Deals are limited to inventory on hand, so your TrueCar Certified Dealer must confirm that actual inventory, in addition to your preferred options and colors, is in stock.

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