Bigger Is Not Always Better: Here Are Some Examples

People say size is important, and in some arenas, that’s true. And oftentimes it’s thought that a greater thing surpasses a littler thing, as they carry more status along with the corresponding importance. But that’s not always true. Could even be better, though sometimes it’s important to recognize when something small is not merely just as good as something big! So why waste the time as well as the money and also the space on something big when the smaller version is maybe even a much better fit for your and you life. Let’s explore some areas where a smaller version of something is in fact preferred on the bigger version.



The tablet world is one of ability and convenience to bring something along with you. If you wanted a huge tablet you’d probably just get a laptop. So what’s the point of getting one of many bigger iPads, when the iPad Mini is equally as powerful and is much easier to move around. Not only that, the only advantage of a bigger one is that the screen is bigger, but the iPad Mini screen is very large enough and you also brain adjusts to its size anyway, so it really doesn’t matter by any means. So, don’t be fooled into paying more for an iPad that will only add to the inconvenience and be more cumbersome when the Mini is all you need or want.



Cars are often placed in that category of bigger is better. That’s why they even made those horribly over-sized SUV’s within the 1990’s. The Ford Explorer isn’t large enough: we need a Ford Expedition, that gets 6 miles to the gallon and takes over every road it drives on. No, that’s totally silly and useless. These days, it’s smaller that’s better. Obviously we’re not advising obtaining a SMRT car, we have some standards, but a Fiat is a great selection for people seeking a smaller car. Take a look at and see all the options this Italian car maker produces. By getting a smaller car while at the same time obtaining a nice zippy car, you’ll also notice on that you get to economize. You’ll end up being the envy of these SUV drivers in no time.

Shoppers Club Card


You know when you sign up for a shoppers club card on the super market or the Pilot travel station? They supply you with the big card and a few little cards. How come they give you that big cumbersome one? THere’s absolutely no reason to even keep that. The little cards are much better and can be kept easily on your keychain. Even better – ditch the cards altogether and use your phone number. That saves time and space. You don’t need to waste that valuable wallet space on some plastic that you’re gonna just forget you have anyway. If you get into the habit of just plugging with your phone number for all things, you’ll be better off. It may result in a spam call here and there, but who cares, those come about anyway.